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Before the Holidays, clean your air ducts.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing with it cooler temperatures and the possibility of winter storms. As the temperature outside begins to drop, homeowners need to begin taking precautions to remain warm within and keep the winter weather out. However, winterizing your house entails more than simply covering storm windows and turning on the heat. Checking your home’s furnace filter and air ducts is essential for preserving indoor air quality and keeping you and your family healthy throughout the season.
Hidden Hazards in Your Air Ducts
You’re heating and cooling system serves as your home’s lungs, with a network of air ducts connected throughout the building to circulate air from one room to another. Dirt, pet dander, dust, and other toxins can accumulate over time and cycle through your house five to seven times each day on average. Homes are designed to be airtight in order to keep heat in and cold out. This implies that circulating toxins are confined within, potentially contributing to respiratory or health difficulties, particularly during the winter months when little fresh air enters.
Having a clean house in preparation for the changing seasons and yearly visits from family is normally at the top of many homeowners’ holiday to-do lists. However, many popular household cleaning solutions include organic chemicals that release natural vapors known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to your indoor air quality. These chemicals can be found in cleaning products, hobby materials, aerosol sprays, and even candles.
In addition to dealing with potential allergen buildup in your ductwork, which may cause increased sneezing and coughing, VOCs provide their own set of health risks. People who are exposed to low amounts of VOCs over time, especially those with respiratory difficulties, may begin to develop nausea, headaches, or dizziness. Exposure to excessive amounts of VOCs may result in more serious illnesses such as kidney damage, cancer, or nervous system disorders.
How Air Duct Cleaning Improves Holiday Spirits
If you experience increased allergy problems or trouble breathing when the heat is put on, you may need to get your air ducts cleaned. Removing or reducing the accumulation of pollutants in your house before sealing it up for the winter is an important step in preventing the negative health impacts caused by continuous exposure to poor indoor air quality. Cleaning and maintaining your home’s ventilation system can keep it clear of debris, dust, and other particles that might clog filters and reduce airflow. Anyone suffering from poor indoor air quality may instead focus on fighting off the flu or common cold, which usually dampens festivities, with a clean heating and cooling system.
The best approach to prepare your home for winter is to have a maintenance check-up performed by ProClean Systems.