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Pests That Can Infiltrate Your Ductwork

Rodents and insects are unappealing to contemplate, especially if they infiltrate the home. Pests may occasionally raid components of an HVAC system if homeowners fail to maintain them properly or have older HVAC systems. Some bugs are large enough to cause harm to your HVAC system if they become stuck, and even the smaller ones pose health hazards. Today, ProClean reveals the pests that might enter your home’s ducting.


Most spiders can squeeze into small spaces. They can get into your ducting, indoor AC unit, and vents if you don’t clean and maintain them properly.

Rats and Mice

Rodents are well-known for their ability to burrow into tiny places. Mice and rats can make nests out of duct material and eat through other HVAC components, causing considerable damage and costly repairs.

Squirrels and Raccoons

Tree squirrels do not hibernate like most ground squirrels throughout the winter. These bigger animals, like raccoons, may gnaw into your ducting, scurry through it, and perhaps cause damage. If you hear scurrying creatures in your ducting or attic, contact an animal control firm to catch and remove them.


Cockroaches have thin bodies that allow them to fit through small gaps. These pests like cold, dark areas to nest, such as ducting. Roaches are disgusting and may transmit diseases, so no one wants them in their houses.

Animals leave undesirable odors in your house. Our specialists will clean your ducting carefully to ensure that no bugs linger in the cracks and crevices. When we do home duct cleaning, we will also notify you of any animal concerns.