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Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

Summer has ended in our part of the world, and whether you enjoy the heat or are looking forward to bonfires and pumpkin carving, one thing is certain: October is duct cleaning season.

That may not seem like an apparent fact, but there are several reasons why we believe fall is the greatest time to get your ductwork cleaned. Our list is below, and we hope you will use it to consider arranging your appointment soon or chatting with your loved ones and friends about making their own appointments before time slots fill up (even if those appointments aren’t with our business).

#1 – As leaves fall, temperatures are ideal for mold and fungus to thrive.

The colors of the falling red, yellow, and orange leaves are stunning. However, when they accumulate, they provide ideal conditions for mold, bacteria, and fungus. If they accumulate in gutters, eavestroughs, or exposed areas of your property, they can eventually lead to mold and bacteria entering your home and spreading through your ductwork and the air your family breathes.

#2 – Your HVAC system is working extra hard.

During the summer, many families open their doors and windows and turn off the heat. However, when the temperatures drop, we begin to close our doors and put back on the heat. Our HVAC system restarts and becomes our home’s workhorse during the fall and winter months. If your HVAC system is older, this can be especially damaging. However, having clean ductwork may increase the overall effectiveness of the HVAC system, preventing it from working as hard, extending its life, and keeping your family warm for a few more winters.

#3 – Fall allergies are a nuisance.

Many of us suffer from allergies, and sadly, spring isn’t the only time of year when we have to deal with them. Allergy patients in the fall must also contend with pollen, ragweed, hay fever, and other allergens. Although duct cleaning may not eradicate your allergies, it will significantly reduce their intensity in your house.

#4 – As the weather cools, families begin to spend more time indoors.

As the weather begins to drop in the fall, most families begin to spend more time indoors. That’s fantastic, but if you’re going to spend more time indoors, you’ll be shedding more skin cells, producing more dust, putting more strain on your HVAC system, and you’ll need the means to guarantee that the interior atmosphere remains pleasant and healthy. Duct cleaning is an essential component of that strategy.

#5 – Flu season is approaching, and COVID is still present.

Indoor air pollution is a leading cause of disease. And we all know that the autumn season is only the start of the typical flu season. We will most likely need to start planning for the COVID-19 season in the autumn and winter. Both are airborne respiratory illnesses, and in the case of COVID-19, there is grounds to assume that the virus can persist in the ducting for some time. To protect yourself and your family, get your ductwork cleaned by a reliable firm that can not only clean the ducting but also disinfect it with an antimicrobial spray like the one we use.

Call us right now to set up your duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning appointments for the autumn!