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The Significance of Changing Your Air Filters on a Regular Basis

When you buy a house, it comes with a maintenance checklist that you must complete in order to keep it running properly. When others give you advise on the most critical things you need to do, it might be overwhelming. Changing your air filter is something you may have heard a lot about. You’ve got a lot of questions regarding it, including:
What Is the Purpose of an Air Filter?
Your HVAC system’s air filter is the first line of defense against allergens, dust, and debris entering the system. Your HVAC system draws air from your home, heats or cools it, and then returns it to it. You want the air that is heated or cooled to be as pure as possible, and the ideal solution is to use a clean air filter.
What is the purpose of changing the air filter in my home?
Tiny particles of dirt and debris are caught as the air passes past the filter. These particles gradually accumulate to the point where air cannot pass through them. When your air filter becomes blocked, it can cause a variety of issues.
How often should I replace the air filter?
Now that you know why it’s so crucial to change your air filter, you’ll want to know how often you should do it. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, you should change your air filter every three months at the very least. However, changing it more frequently may help your home and HVAC system.

We can help you maintain your HVAC system with air duct cleaning at ProClean. Our professionals can assist you in removing mold from your system if it has developed due to a blocked air filter. If you have any additional questions about changing your air filter, please contact us right away.