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Who Are the Best Candidates For Air Duct Cleaning?

The difference in air quality after air duct cleaning may be minor in homes with low to average levels of dust and residents who do not have respiratory allergy symptoms. However, some homes are more susceptible to dust and other allergens in the air. Older homes, for example, could be more prone to mold problems than newer homes. Hair and dander collect even more quickly in homes with many shedding pets.

The following are the best candidates for improved air quality after duct cleaning:

  • Mold in the home or business.
  • Homes with a duct infestation.
  • Houses with a lot of animals.
  • Homeowners that have a server and are experiencing chronic allergy symptoms.
  • Smokers who own a home.

Since your air ducts are responsible for circulating temperature-controlled air in your house, getting them cleaned thoroughly will increase the quality of your indoor air as well as your unit’s overall energy efficiency.

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