Floor Restoration & Maintenance

ProClean System’s training, equipment and experience allow us to:

  • restore any type of flooring.
  • economically maintain your flooring.
  • provide off-hour service.
  • offer industry specific service packages.

ProClean is a one-stop cleaning contractor that provides a full breadth of services to retail, professional, institutional, agricultural, construction, health-care, and industrial organizations.

ProClean Systems offers a Cost Containment Guarantee … we will perform The Best Job at The Best Value compared with your current service provider!

ProClean Systems knows the special needs of commercial and institutional organizations…right down to their floor care needs.
Day in and day out your floors withstand high volume foot traffic, parking lot debris, shop oils, ground in food, vehicular traffic, high levels of outside contaminants through open doors, chewing gum, winter salts, toner and ink spills, sweat, aerosol over-spray, abrasive materials, and much more. It can be difficult preserving the image of professional cleanliness that is so important to client perception.

ProClean has experience with all commercial flooring types, including carpet, grouted ceramic tile, concrete, vinyl composite tile, natural stones, marble, rubber, cork, and many more. We can remove the tough stains and grime no matter what your floor type.

ProClean can restore badly damaged floors with state of the art equipment and training…as well as easily maintain those floors with extremely cost-effective service packages. It is always more economical to maintain than to restore.

ProClean also provides off-hour service at standard rates. We know nights and weekends may be the only downtime your business or service has and won’t charge a premium for off-hour work.

ProClean service is THE BEST JOB at THE BEST VALUE…a complete service that doesn’t cut corners – we clean them! We will clean and maintain all areas of your commercial or institutional property…this complete clean assures the elimination of any bacterial odors and allergens, providing a hygienic environment for your employees and patrons.