Cost Containment

ProClean knows how prevalent cost escalations are in todays competitive business environments. When earnings get squeezed and costs must be cut, the first organizational areas to suffer are usually cleaning services and training programs.

With a simple process, ProClean can pro-actively assist you in lowering the cost of your cleaning activities before any budgetary constraints appear:

  • The only prerequisites required from your organization is a recent invoice from your current service provider(s) for cost baseline establishment and, written expectations for performance baselining.
  • ProClean will then put forth measurable specifications for performing the service(s) to the performance baseline, at a cost 5% below your previous provider’s invoice.
  • There will be no contract requirement…your organization can cease the use of ProClean’s service(s) at any time, with no penalty.
  • The guarantee will be valid for at least one year. At the end of one year, a transparent joint evaluation will be conducted and a determination made whether to renew the guarantee for another one, two, or three years.
  • A multiple year guarantee will require a contract, however, it will also waive the need for a yearly evaluation…locking in your pricing for a longer period of time.

ProClean is a multi-faceted company, offering a wide variety of services. This gives us a built in cost advantage over many of our competitors who can only service a portion of your total needs.

​The Cost Containment Guarantee is available to any retail, professional, institutional, agricultural, construction, health-care, and industrial organization. Local non-profit organizations can apply this Guarantee on top of ProClean’s permanent 10% discount for city, township, and county based organizations…for a 15% total savings off the final invoice!

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