Provide The Best Job. Best Value by:

  • Giving our clients our FULL attention
    • no overbooking…we will normally schedule only 1 job per day, eliminating the need to tell clients that we will be there sometime within a 5-6 hour window.
    • use the unhurried time on job to make sure that every last detail has been addressed and the Customer is pleased.
  • Developing a personal relationship with our clients
    • use social media to communicate.
    • provide education.
    • create a client family in which membership earns special perks.
    • use a referral program.
  • Accommodating all of our clients needs…when they need them
    • offer a diverse menu of services.
    • develop custom schedules and provide pre-scheduled off-hour work without a premium charge.
  • Using the most advanced equipment, techniques, solutions, and training available
    • invest money back into the business.
    • obtain certified training from leaders in the industry.
  • Warranting our service work
  • Acknowledging our civic duty in the communities we serve
    • apply 10% discount pricing to all local* non-profit organizations.
      *(city, township, & county based entities)
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