Commercial Upholstery Restoration

ProClean is a one-stop cleaning contractor that provides a full breadth of services to retail, professional, institutional, agricultural, construction, health-care, and industrial organizations.

ProClean Systems offers a Cost Containment Guarantee … we will perform The Best Job at The Best Value compared to your current service provider!

ProClean System’s training, equipment and experience allow us to:

  • restore any type of fabric covered furniture, partition, or wall coverings.
  • economically maintain your upholstery.
  • provide off-hour service.
  • offer industry specific service packages.

Waiting areas, office cubicle areas, libraries, day care centers, and churches are just some examples of places where you will find a great deal of fabric. Just like carpet, these fabrics act as a filter for the surrounding air. In addition to contact soils, over time, these items trap and hold all types of airborne particulates, microbiological detritus, allergens, and bacteria. These contaminants not only make your fabrics look worn out – they also contribute to lower air quality within your building.

ProClean technicians are trained to correctly identify the materials used in the construction of your furnishings and partitions. Likewise, our training covers stain types and removal methods for those specific materials.

Our truck-mounted equipment is powerful – with an output that can be finely adjusted – this enables us to use temperatures, pressures, and hand tools that are strong enough to clean the deepest stains, yet gentle enough to not damage your fabrics.

​ProClean’s upholstery cleaning system includes a specially formulated pH-balancing fabric cleaner that removes deep down dirt and residue – leaving nothing behind but clean, soft, fresh-smelling fabric…as well as a higher quality of indoor air.

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