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ProClean in Celina, OH provides air duct cleaning & dryer vent cleaning service, in Western Ohio & the Eastern Indiana areas.  Best Job, Best Value, duct cleaner customer service! Air Duct Cleaning – Ohio

ProClean is your indoor air quality specialist! 

ProClean has specialized tools for the job so that even your longest, most complex duct runs can be debris free.

ProClean has the technical knowledge to advise you when your system needs structural or mechanical repairs.

Nothing affects the quality of your indoor air more than the system responsible for moving it around your home. The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit of your dwelling circulates every airborne contaminant in the air throughout the structure. Over time, these contaminates attach themselves to the interior surfaces of the HVAC system…vents, supply ducts, return ducts, main trunk lines, the blower unit, AC condenser, burners, and cabinet interior. These deposits can build and become quite thick; actually clogging air ducts if given decades of time.

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We take an entire-home approach to increasing the quality of your indoor air so that your family stays healthy…we eliminate the root causes of many respiratory ailments.

While many household features affect indoor air quality, none have more impact than your HVAC system. ProClean provides Superior Service in HVAC system cleanup by:

  • using powerful vacuums and truck-mounted compressors.

  • employing a flexible wand system designed to get into every nook and cranny of your HVAC system.
  • cleaning every single component of your HVAC system: grilles, supply ducts, trunk lines, return ducts, blower cabinet, blower unit, and AC condenser, so that you have a complete, high-value service experience.
  • providing a complete system cleaning, thereby increasing the efficiency of your HVAC unit – decreasing utlity costs and increasing its lifespan.
Indoor Air Quality

Best Job. Best Value.


Commerical & Residential Duct Cleaning

Providing Cleaner Air to Breathe for you and your loved ones with the best value in Air Duct Cleaning.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Providing “Fire Safe” dryer vent cleaning for you through cleaning and installation.


Deodorize and Sanitation Services

Offering anti-microbial duct fogging after cleaning to assure all bacteria is eliminated from your system or deodorizing to remove the toughest odors.


Industrial Ventilation Cleaning

Helping the business world stay productive through cleaning Dust collectors, Welding/Paint Exhaust Ventilation and so much more.


Apartment & Assisted Living
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keeping tenants, facility managers, & owners safe through the dryer vent cleaning and installation.


Institutional Organizations

Offering services that require continuous cleaning and maintenance intended for routine cleaning of industrial, commercial, and public institutions, outside of the normal household environment.

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Jade Mason
Jade Mason
April 7, 2021.
So very happy we decided to give Steve at ProClean Systems LLC a call! We bought an old farmhouse to fix up and for the first time since living here I can't see dust in the air and my house noticeably smells fresher. The furnace even sounds quieter. Steve was such a pleasure to work with as well! He was such a nice, professional man who I immediately felt comfortable with; showed up 10 minutes early, was very gracious with my ornery young twins, who wanted nothing more than to "help," and explained everything he was doing and how to help maintain and mitigate future problems with my hvac system. He even noticed a problem with the hookup of my dryer vent while cleaning it, which he quickly fixed with parts he had on his truck at no extra charge. I would highly recommend Steve and ProClean Systems LLC, my house feels and smells so much cleaner! We will definitely be return customers!
Eric Wehrmert
Eric Wehrmert
February 25, 2021.
These guys are awesome! No high pressure sales. Very patient with all of my questions. Gave me lots of options to choose from. And, they sure know what they're doing! They were all business when they got here. I think they took 5 minutes to eat lunch in their truck, other than that, they were working hard the whole time. Could not get over how much dirt they got out of my furnace ducts! My wife is happy cause she notices less dust and I am happy cause my nose isn't bothering me near as much. Thank you ProClean!
Tara Gast
Tara Gast
February 23, 2021.
You definitely won't go wrong hiring this Father & Son team! Two of the nicest, hard-working, and knowledgeable gentlemen you'll ever run across. They were on-time and explained everything they were going to do in terms that I could understand. They showed me pictures and video when they were done so that I could 'see' my air ducts were clean. I think I'm going to have them back to clean my carpets later this spring...I didn't even realize that carpet was an air filter until they mentioned that to me!
Matt Shindeldecker
Matt Shindeldecker
November 16, 2020.
Steven was an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely responsive and very thorough throughout the three days he was with us. There were several instances where he gave us insight and a complete description of what he was finding and suggestions on how to prepare for the future. This is a process that I would highly recommend any home or business look at doing if you’ve not done so thus far. There’s no question ProClean is the business partner you want in your corner.