Commercial Power Washing

ProClean System’s training, equipment and experience allow us to:

  • restore any type of outdoor property feature – from roof to parking lot.
  • economically remove any type of surface contaminant – from algae to graffiti.
  • provide off-hour service.
  • offer industry specific property service packages.
  • ​seasonally remove snow and de-ice.

Your organization’s image is tremendously affected by your patron’s perceptions…and their perception of you is highly influenced by the physical appearance of your buildings, grounds, and vehicles.

ProClean can not only sanitize and preserve your inside environment, our professionals can also clean and maintain your outdoor environment. Roofs, gutters, exterior walls, walkways and steps, drives, parking lots, loading docks, outdoor common areas, fencing, retaining walls, barn interiors, signage, outdoor seating, awnings, garage doors, and personnel entrances are all candidates for commercial power washing.

Algae, mold, mildew, mineral deposits, vines, graffiti, gum, oil/grease stains, tire marks, bird droppings, tree sap, litter, de-icing salts, decaying leaves, and other surface containments can present safety as well as appearance issues. And many facilities such as hospitals, assisted care, and daycare demand sanitary conditions.

Once your surfaces are clean, you can rest assured that your ProClean professional has the knowledge and solutions to properly seal your newly washed surfaces when needed…protecting your investment for longer.

Construction and agricultural organizations can also benefit from ProClean’s power washing system. Our wastewater reclamation, biodegradable detergents, and high pressure heated water will clean your heavy equipment AND eliminate your environmental regulation exposure.

Snow removal and de-icing is a seasonal offering of the ProClean team!

Property management is one of the most diverse jobs on the planet…rent, advertising, tenant management, property repairs – the list goes on and on. Custodial staffs often have their hands full with keeping interior surfaces clean, leaving little time to tackle the task of maintaining metal, concrete and brick surfaces that surround your property. Why not leave large-scale exterior maintenance to the experts at ProClean?

As always, ProClean can tailor cleaning schedules to meet your needs. And ProClean’s Cost Containment Guarantee assures you of The Best Job at The Best Value!

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