Hard Floor Care

ProClean brings hard surface flooring – of all types – back to life by:

  • using our Nissan powered truck-mount, in correct applications, to obtain the heat, pressure, and vacuum needed to thoroughly clean, rinse, and dry your flooring – no matter how much grime has accumulated.
  • employing specialty tooling designed specifically for your type of hard surface flooring so that we can guarantee you an aggressive clean with no risk of damage.
  • providing only premium cleaners, strippers, finishes, and sealants so your floors gleam, while easily resisting future traffic, so that your investment lasts.
  • having the equipment and methods to safely handle and dispose of chemical strippers and finish residue to safeguard your environment.
  • utilizing chemical free stripping methods wherever possible to further protect your surroundings.

ProClean has the technical knowledge to advise you when hazardous materials such as asbestos are present in your flooring and, can recommend partnering firms specializing in the removal of hazardous materials.

ProClean’s in-home estimates are always free…and our service is guaranteed with our free 4-week callback policy!

ProClean is truly your one-stop cleaning shop! That is because we clean floors – all kinds of floors…in all conditions. Whether your floor is carpet, vinyl, stone, wood, ceramic, concrete, engineered wood, marble, rubber, or any other of the myriad types available, ProClean has the system to get it clean!

The same truck-mounted powerhouse that we utilize on carpet is also there for our hard surface cleaning efforts – we just attach different tools. Flexibility in the settings of temperature, pressure, vacuum, and solution feeds make this unit the centerpiece of most cleaning / restoration work.

ProClean also uses many specialty tools, such as our Tomcat EDGE oscillating scrubber, a surface preparation machine that allows us to remove multiple layers of finish and buildup without harsh chemicals while increasing our productivity.

In those situations where a full chemical strip is necessary, you can be confident that ProClean professionals have the training, experience, and products to safely remove and dispose of the most difficult of worn finishes.

Once the old finish is deep scrubbed or completely removed, ProClean applies new conditioners / finishes that combine a beautiful lustre with increased durability. There is truly no comparing ProClean’s low VOC / high solids wax with the general purpose finishes available off the shelf.

Incorrect sealers are the bane of cleaning professionals. Premature failure of a floor finish is only the beginning of problems associated with the use of a sealer that was not designed for the floor type it was applied to. Determining what the sealer type is and how to safely remove it from the floor is something your ProClean professional can accurately discern and perform.

As with our premium conditioners and finishes, ProClean will use correct sealants with premier formulations allowing your floor to easily resist future wear while providing the best visual appeal over the longest period of time.

Complete floor cleaning service, along with ProClean’s free 4-week call back period, is the method to our mission of guaranteeing The Best Job. Best Value.

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