Dust and Allergen Fixes for the Household

The season of spring has come! Spring comes with it spring cleaning and dreadful spring allergies. Allergies seem to become worse every year. And it seems that coping with dust in the house is getting more challenging. So, what are your options? How can you escape the annual fight with dust and allergies by just keeping your house clean and healthy? As a dryer & duct cleaning experts, we know a thing or two about dust, lint, and allergens. We’d like to provide you with a few tips on how to keep your house cleaner this spring, in addition to dryer duct cleaning

Various sorts of dust
Once a week, we all get a duster and dust all of the surfaces in our home. However, it’s possible that it’s time to rethink how we dust. After all, traditional cleaning methods only pushed dust about, causing it to transfer from one spot to another. Dust from the laundry room may make its way into the living room after just one cleaning.
It’s time to dust with water. There are various safe options that may be prepared at home using natural components such as water and apple cider vinegar.

Get Rid of the Lint Trap
As previously said, dust from the laundry room spreads swiftly. And how often have you seen lint outside of the washing room? So, go ahead and clear the lint trap! The following elements are required:

  • Lint-removal attachment for a vacuum cleaner
  • Bag of garbage
  • Clean dryer vents with a brush

Remove any lint from the screen first. Then, using the vacuum cleaner, suck up any remaining lint and dispose of it. Replace the lint screen after cleaning the trap.

Not sure whether you’ve done a good enough job or if you’re not convinced you’re ready for this? Choose a professional dryer duct cleaning service for complete cleaning.

Schedule a dryer duct cleaning appointment.
Failure to clean your dryer duct correctly may lead to a range of problems and threats in your home, as well as having a negative influence on your health. If you haven’t had your dryer ducts cleaned in a few years, call us right now to learn more about our services. Your dryer most likely has a lot of lint clumps that need to be removed. We may come to your home and remove the lint for you!

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