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Did you realize that the cleanliness of your air ducts has an impact on how much your company pays in electricity bills?

It may surprise you to find that commercial air duct cleaning may be an efficient method to control utility expenses. If the air ducts become blocked with debris and filth, the HVAC system must work harder than usual to keep the inside temperature acceptable. Commercial air duct cleaning is a service for HVAC systems that use forced air. This sustainable environment eliminates particulates, mold, and debris that have accumulated throughout the system. A skilled air duct cleaning business may clean all components of the system, not only the visible ones:

  • Housing for the motor and fan
  • Ducts for supply and return air
  • Grilles and diffusers
  • Drip pans or drain pans
  • Heat exchangers are devices that exchange heat.
  • Coils for cooling and heating
  • Housing in units
  • Air ducts on the inside

When choosing a commercial service provider for air duct cleaning, ensure that they offer a full package that includes cleaning all system components.